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Value Stream Mapping is a practical and highly effective way to identify constraints, resolve disconnects, and introduce a leaner flow of work to your organisation.



Your business ensures that you are delivering value to your customers all the time

Staff retention rates rise significantly


Your staff are always working on high value projects


YOUR Problem

We have more work than we can cope with, everyone is busy and we can’t find more staff easily.


It’s easy to say that you can’t get more from your very busy staff, but how productive are they? Is there a more efficient way to deliver value? We believe we can help you identify up to 33% more time and therefore productivity in your organisation.


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In terms of moving to a more flexible method of delivering services, the problem often lies with disconnected teams each working on their own area of expertise.

We find the solution by providing a more complete picture of how and when value is delivered to the Customer. The Customer is at the heart of a Value Stream Map, and delighted Customers are at the heart of your business. We have extensive experience working with the IT industry, helping people see the need for improvement and generating alignment, from front-line personnel to senior leaders.



We believe that if we can automate some of our processes we will be much more effective but we’re not sure what technologies to use.


If you automate a poor process, then you will have a poor automated process. Simplify first, then automate, and we can help you find the right tools to automate. We don’t have any ties to any software or hardware company, so we can help you pick what’s right for you.



A Value Stream Mapping exercise essentially has three parts:

A) A map of the current stream
B) A map of the ideal future stream
C) A plan for how to get from A to B.

Value Stream Mapping works by providing a macro-level view of how work and information flows in an organisation. Generating a Value Stream Map involves sustained input from C Level management, initially preparing for the exercise and then for 3 focused days, creating the actual map.  A VSM has three components 1) Information flow 2) work flow and 3) a Timeline. Value Steam Maps are all about the data, which drives your strategic decision making.


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